July 4, 2018
Our company

For the second year in a row, San Miguel was recognized in the “Hana Innovation Award 2017”. This time for its initiative of efficient information management related to monitoring activities in its fields.

Once more the company received the SAP HANA award, which recognizes those strategic partners that use the platform to develop innovative proposals in their businesses. As in 2017, San Miguel won in the category “Industry Disrupter Regional Choice”, this time for its initiative for the generation and management of up-to-date information on monitoring activities in its fields.

In a context where Argentina is a leader in lemon production in the Southern Hemisphere, and following the reopening of exports to the United States, San Miguel identified the need to solve the management and procurement of data in real time regarding the monitoring tasks in its fields. The advantages of this project, conducted with Softtek, include the improvement in operation planning, since the information is available as soon as it is captured, thus making the task of data analysts, planners and managers easier.

Initially, a first stage was conducted in Uruguay, and it will soon be implemented in Argentina, Peru and South Africa. The operations of the different countries will gradually join this single platform, using a user-friendly interface that contributes to implementing shared processes and methods.

“We have decided to leverage the monitoring processes, such as harvest estimates, pest monitoring and phenology, to create applications in SAP Cloud Platform that work as mobile data gatherers. Harvest estimates in particular are a critical step in the comprehensive planning of the business. Having these data updated in real time in a single data repository creates a big impact for the business,” affirms Eduardo Martínez, CIO of San Miguel.

Innovation is part of our DNA as a company. Having won this award again is a recognition that encourages us to continue working every day seeking new solutions and opportunities, building an increasingly global and integrating outlook.