October 1, 2018

We have taken the first steps in our community outreach program in Peru, based on the collaboration with the community of Santa Ana School, in Chincha.

San Miguel is part of the communities where we work, thus we seek to make positive changes in our areas of influence.

In this sense, we have launched the sustainability program in Peru, along with Santa Ana School —located in front of our Packing Plant in Chincha—, one of the most relevant educational institutions in the area.

The first step consisted in enhancing the value of the school playground through the construction of a sport floor. Such space used to be made of adobe, and today it has been transformed into a multipurpose space so that the 260 students from all levels may enjoy it. Thus, we expand the possibilities and the experience of the whole education community.

To celebrate this long-expected work, we have participated in an inauguration event with the school families. Primary school students used the new surface for the first time by playing a soccer match, while mothers cooked a local dish, as a token of gratitude, to share with those present.

Every day, San Miguel bets on education as a pillar for the development of our communities, and thus, the main focus of our sustainability efforts. At the same time, we promote sports as a way to encourage values and living a healthy life.