June 4, 2018
Press release
  • This company will be jointly controlled by the Argentine holding group and the Peruvian company.
  • This alliance strengthens the position of Andean Sun Produce in the North American fruit business, by offering its customers a wide range of fresh fruits from different origins: Peru, Argentina, South Africa and Uruguay.

Jun 4, 2018.- San Miguel and La Calera announce their strategic partnership for the commercialization of fresh fruit in North America, after San Miguel formalized the purchase of an equity stake in Andean Sun Produce, a company of the Peruvian group La Calera. This partnership is aligned with the long-term objective that both companies share: offering customers a wider range of their major products.

Through this partnership, Andean Sun Produce will sell lemons, table grapes, avocados, oranges and mandarins from 4 origins: Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and South Africa. This means that Andean Sun Produce will commercialize 80% of total exports of Peruvian late mandarins to the United States and Canada.

The company currently has offices in Swedesboro (NJ) and Miami (FL), where its headquarters are located. Over the next few months Andean Sun Produce plans to open a new office in California, to complement its presence in the East Coast.

“This partnership will allow us to be even closer to our customers, delivering a better range of products to North American consumers. Undoubtedly, having the experience of Andean Sun Produce is a differential value when it comes to meeting the needs of the North American market, which is highly relevant for San Miguel due to its scale and sophistication,” says Maximiliano D’Alessandro, Chief Marketing Officer of San Miguel.

And Estuardo Masias, from La Calera, adds: “We formed Andean Sun Produce dba GoldCup Fresh more than 10 years ago with the purpose of improving costs in the commercial operation. The partnership with San Miguel gives us exactly that, a wider range of citrus fruits with increased efficiency in the offer. We have great empathy with San Miguel, with whom we share the same long-term philosophy in this complex business.”


About San Miguel

San Miguel is the leading company in the Southern Hemisphere in the production and distribution of fresh citrus and processed food. With almost 10,000 ha in different points of origin (Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa and Peru), it supplies more than 200 customers in 80 countries, among which the United States is increasingly relevant for its commercial strategy. The company processes 400,000 tons of citrus a year, and it has exported 124,000 tons of fresh fruit in the last crop season.

Focused on its customers, San Miguel is constantly enlarging its range of products. Thus, it has recently added avocado and table grapes to its fresh fruit portfolio, while it works in the development of new products. San Miguel seeks to add value at each stage of the production process, with Sustainability as a priority and at the core of its business model.

More information: www.sanmiguelglobal.com


About La Calera

La Calera Agrícola is a leading company in citrus production and exports in Peru, with more than 3,000 ha planted in the cost of Peru. It mainly produces mandarins, grapes and avocados. La Calera will produce this year over 100,000 tons of fruit, exporting over 50,000 tons in 2018.

La Calera Agrícola has successfully exported fresh fruit for more than 25 years, and has recently ventured into mandarin segment processing.Fundación La Calera, which is part of the group, is a non-for-profit organization focused on the social development of the city of Alto Laran, the district where La Calera's head office is located.

More information: www.lacalera.com.pe