Our Vision

To be the leading company of fresh fruit in the Southern Hemisphere and of processed fruit and vegetable products with added value, working in harmony with the environment and the community.


We grow and develop products that are now present at the tables of millions of families around the world. Our integrated business model runs from the nursery to the shelves of supermarkets. We work to produce what the market needs. Each of our operational cornerstones is intended to always improve the quality of our service and of our products.

We are part of our community and work taking care of the natural environment where we conduct our business. Just because we want to grow together in a better world.


We lead the global market
We lead the global market: We are world leaders in the production of citrus and by-products. From the Southern Hemisphere, we supply food to households in the five continents.
Our experience makes us grow
Our experience makes us grow: Our products are the result of over 60 years of work and tradition. We pay attention to every detail and share our knowledge with all our customers and strategic partners.
Sustainability is our commitment
Sustainability is our commitment: We are committed to people and the environment. We consider our impact and seek to add social, financial and environmental value in everything we do, because we are concerned about the future and well-being of the community.
We promote innovation
We promote innovation: Innovation is part of our DNA. Every day we work to create new ideas and solutions thinking about our partners and customers.
We work in a collaborative way
We work in a collaborative way: We seek new business opportunities together with our strategic partners. We work and grow together, combining experience and innovation.


Our Values

Integrity: Because we act in an ethical, respectful and honest way. We are transparent, trustworthy, we assume responsibility and honor commitments.
Value Creation
Value Creation: We manage the company’s assets and resources as our own. We are entrepreneurial and innovative, seeking opportunities to grow our company, with a global and integrating outlook. We learn from our mistakes and challenge the status quo, continuously improving our processes. We deliver results in an efficient and sustainable way.
Customer Orientation
Customer Orientation: We always strive to serve and help our customers, whether internal or external. We try to understand and satisfy their needs —even those they do not express— and we provide solutions. Our customers and the market are our top priorities: we project our initiatives based on this.
Team Spirit
Team Spirit: We pursue a common goal, subordinating personal interest to team objectives. We listen to others in order to understand, and we ask for help. We promote constructive criticism and feedback, encouraging an open and honest debate. We treat every individual inside and outside our organization with respect, trust and dignity. We encourage and value diversity.
Social and Environmental Responsibility
Social and Environmental Responsibility: We take care of the environment. We drive the personal growth of those who are part of our organization and favor the development of our community. We consider respect for the laws and human rights as the necessary conditions for sustainable growth.