We are global producers and from our points of origin in Argentina, Uruguay and South Africa, we produce and market two lemon varieties: Eureka and Sami Late.

In our farms, plants undergo phytosanitary treatments, pruning, irrigation and nutrition, monitoring their management in a sustainable process until the fruit is ready to be harvested, packed and taken to thousands of households around the world.

Sami Late

This is a proprietary variety of San Miguel and has a late harvesting period, from June to August, which explains its name. The tree is vigorous and, just like Eureka, it is not very thorny, which makes picking easier than most other varieties. The fruit rind is medium in thickness and smooth. Each lemon may contain 2 or 3 seeds. It has good juice content and a longer shelf life than other varieties, a characteristic that makes it a highly appreciated product in markets around the world.


Eureka is the most widely grown lemon variety outside the Mediterranean basin. It has many favorable characteristics that have made it very popular: the tree has a spreading growth habit, and though it is moderately vigorous and smaller than other varieties, its harvest season is well distributed over time. Additionally, Eureka trees are less thorny, which makes picking easier.

The fruit has smooth skin, rind thickness is medium to thin, and it has a high percentage of juice with a high acid level. It has few seeds, or it may be even seedless due to climatic conditions. 

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