We cultivate relationships: we are partners, friends, coworkers. We are people who work and grow together to ensure our well-being and the well-being of our community. We believe in the value of people as agents for change. We want to grow in a better world.

1We are San Miguel

We are a team of passionate people. Our daily inspiration comes from the pleasure of doing what we love. We are people working with people and our values are deployed in that daily relationship.
We share leadership

2We share leadership

We are a market leader. We help, support and encourage our associates to play a leading role in their personal and career growth.
We promote development

3We promote development

We want to leave a footprint in the career path of all our associates. We promote their growth through experiences in co-creation spaces in a collaborative environment.
We draw strength from diversity

4We draw strength from diversity

We are a global company with multiple points of origin, which encourages exchange across different cultures to strengthen our view. We nourish from different experiences through our teams, customers and communities.
We are committed to our community

5We are committed to our community

We are aware of our role in society, thus sustainability guides all our actions. We are committed to the communities and the natural ecosystems where we conduct our business.
We are innovative

6We are innovative

We seek opportunities to grow our company. We are entrepreneurial, we challenge the status quo to add value to our business through continuous improvement and the application of new technologies.

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