December 17, 2020

We bring you a brief summary of San Miguel’s 2020 milestones, a year in which even in difficult times, we were able to achieve great things and reach our goals. 


2020 has been a very special year for everyone.We faced many changes and challenges that prompted us to change and adapt in order to fulfill our agreements and overcome difficulties. In San Miguel we continued working with the same passion and commitment to achieve great things all together as team.

We achieved a production record in Uruguay, South Africa and Peru and, after twenty years of negotiations between Argentina and China, we shipped the first Argentinian lemons and oranges to the asian country. We have also enhanced our presence in this market by partnering with to market our products with San Miguel grand at one of the biggest online retail stores in Asia. os principales tiendas de retail online de Asia.

Driven by a growing demand, in this season San Miguel doubled its exports of mandarins from Peru & Uruguay to the United States, with almost 20,000 tons. Furthermore, we doubled our exports of Argentinian lemon to the USA and reached record sales in lemon juice. 

Aiming at reducing our carbon footprint, we have completed our GHG global inventory  following the protocol developed by WBCSD and WRI and in compliance with ISO 14064. In addition, we have incorporated renewable energy to supply over 67% of our Industrial Complex’s consumption with clean sources. 

While in Peru, as part of the Huella Hídrica Program, we measure and initiate projects aimed at reducing water consumption and raising awareness among local communities.


Focused on Operational Excellence 

In this 2020, we have implemented a new strategic planning process to align and set goals in a collaborative way. We have also settled SAP as our only and unified management system for our four operations (Argentina, Peru, South Africa and Uruguay) and received an award for our SAP Commercial Apps.

We have moved forward with the deployment of Savia in Argentina, a system designed to standardize practices and identify improvement opportunities. These tools and processes strengthened the way of work in order to manage in a more efficient and articulated way among the different areas of the company. 

Thus, we conclude a new year, proud of the challenges that we have achieved on our way to sustainable growth. Thanks to all our partners for sharing it with us!