January 13, 2022

We carried out health, education and development programs for temporary associates, their families and neighbors of the different communities where we operate. 

At San Miguel, we intend that our presence and activity - in addition to providing job opportunities and professional development at a local level - help foster the growth of the communities where we operate. Thus, throughout 2021 we carried out different campaigns, programs and actions at our four sites to promote education, health and development.

In Argentina, for a second year in a row, we have worked with Fundación Boreal to promote access to health care for more than 250 families in Famaillá, Tucumán. We have provided medical check-ups, eye exams, eyeglasses, prevention activities, sports workshops for teenagers and nutrition training. We have also completed the works for piped and household water connection in partnership with INTA, Sepapys and local governments for more than 275 people in Caspinchango, Montegrande and Santa Isabel so that they have access to this vital resource.

Additionally, in Peru, we have started a child nutrition and healthy eating program that included the provision of medication, training for mothers, workshops for children and food delivery. On the other hand, we have donated equipment to EsSalud and Posta Médica hospitals of Chincha. We have also donated a generator for an oxygen plant in EsSalud Chepén.

In the area of health, in South Africa, we continued providing primary health care to patients from the Valencia community who cannot leave their homes, in partnership with Sisters of Mercy. Additionally, we have carried out Covid-19 and Influenza vaccination campaigns for our associates both in Peru and South Africa.

With the aim to create development opportunities beyond the harvesting period, we launched an entrepreneurship program during the year in Uruguay for packing associates in the city of Young. The proposal made together with Fundación A Ganar sought to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in our temporary associates and provide tools to help them undertake their own projects. 

In South Africa, we implemented the “Hope Gardens” program to develop knowledge and skills to plant vegetable gardens, the production of which is used both for family consumption and commercialization. 

Finally, in Argentina, we have renewed the occupational courses for temporary associates and launched Germinar Joven, a new edition of our flagship program to encourage entrepreneurship in 18-35 year old women. Additionally, together with Fundación Bemberg, we completed the works to enhance the value of the multipurpose hall in Estación Padilla, which will serve as an Education and Training Center for women and residents of the neighborhood.