December 17, 2020

This year 2020 that is about to finish shall be remembered at San Miguel as a year full of hardship but also solutions implemented in record time to fight the advancement of the virus and ensure global essential food supply.

Since the first news on the worldwide spread of a new type of Coronavirus started arriving, at San Miguel, we have decided to move fast in order to take care of our employees, partners, clients and consumers' health. This speed of action has enabled us to design strict safety protocols that have helped to ensure the regular deployment of our operations.

The joint work carried out by all people being part of San Miguel has been coordinated at all times by a Global Crisis Committee that, in turn, has managed with the local committees in every site. The effort and dedication of these teams has been critical to activate the protocols aimed at mitigating the risk of infection in every field, as well as to provide a quick response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Furthermore, as multi-origin company, the exchange between different sites has allowed us to learn and acquire successful solutions from each other.

Another relevant aspect to highlight, has to do with the communication mechanisms both internal and external that helped us update information in this context as well as to address the needs and concerns of our people.

The main measures were implemented in line with the recommendations promoted by the World Health Organization and the Argentine, Peruvian, South African and Uruguayan Ministries of Health. The strategies and actions covered from behaviors infrastructure in order to prevent contagions and operate safely. 

When the world needed it most, all these actions enabled us to perform our activities in a safe and efficient way so as to ensure large-scale production of healthy foods that strengthen the body and promote wellbeing.

Close to our Communities

In this complex pandemic context, San Miguel redoubled its efforts to accompany the communities of the four countries in which we operate, by strengthening their response against Covid and implementing initiatives to drive its development.

In Argentina, we converted our food and health workshops into a virtual mode using WhatsApp groups and online meetings. More than 50 women and 60 teenagers participated in these workshops, which have become a permanent communication channel where communities can raise their concerns regarding the pandemic, hygiene, prevention of Dengue, Coronavirus and difficulties in schooling.

In addition, we continue with our ‘Germinar’ program aimed at empowering rural women and accompanying them in the development of enterprises, by granting a special fund of goods to help them reactivate their projects.

Finally, in alliance with the health authorities and ‘Fundación Boreal’, we launched a health prevention program focused on detecting cases at risk of Coronavirus and that reached more than 200 families in the neighborhoods nearby our operation in Tucumán and included visits house to house, diagnoses and medical follow-ups.

In South Africa, together with other local companies within the framework of the Sundays River Valley Collaborative project, San Miguel donated citrus fruits and helped sanitize high-infection risk zones, provided personal protection equipment, and made transportation available. Also, in Uruguay, the company donated 2500 kilograms of fruit to institutions in Montevideo, Young, Fray Bentos and Canelones.

Lastly, in the Peruvian localities of Chincha and Chepén, we contributed with significant improvements in infrastructure for the local hospitals and health institutions, as well as donations supplies and safety equipment in different community centers.