May 26, 2017
Our business

Alejandro Buratovich, Country Manager for Uruguay, tells us about the varietal conversion process devised to meet the current and future demands of the market.

Every day, we work to be the largest Citrus Player of the Southern Hemisphere. We provide food to millions of people, therefore we intend to organize the production according to the market needs and trends.

As part of this strategy, San Miguel has been developing a varietal conversion program in order to adjust to customers and consumers demands.

Alejandro Buratovich, Country Manager in Uruguay, explains that this renovation project is focused on the production of new fruit varieties, which contain the characteristics most validated by the market. For example, in the case of mandarins, that are easy to peel, seedless or almost seedless fruits.

Buratovich adds: “The conversion caused an important change in the mix of species we grow. This required some changes and improvements, in terms of harvest and packing”.

Several years ago, Uruguay opened up citrus exports to the United States, bringing a new strategic horizon for San Miguel. “Since then, we have focused on generating new contacts with local customers and knowing in depth the American market behavior”-says Alejandro-. “Following a rigorous production protocol, we have invested in packing, cooling and degreening chambers and certain protections required in our work process”.

Today, as a result of this varietal renovation, from San Miguel Uruguay adds to our lemon and mandarin exports to the US, the new variety of “cara cara” oranges: a special red-fleshed product very required by American consumers.

Our products are the result of many years of work. In each fruit, we deliver flavors, nutrients and vitamins in their natural packaging. We plant and take care of every tree to provide the best to our customers and consumers.

Alejandro Buratovich, Country Manager for Uruguay