July 15, 2020

Through several solidarity programs and initiatives San Miguel provided assistance in vulnerable neighborhoods in Argentina, South Africa, Peru and Uruguay.

Since the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic, the whole world got affected by a health emergency which has been causing deep economic and social problems. In this complex scenario, San Miguel stepped up their efforts to assist people from various vulnerable areas and neighborhoods in the four countries where it operates. 

In Argentina, “Shared Flavors” offers educational and professional training through feeding and nutrition programs in neighborhoods closer to the Famailla Industrial Complex. Over the past months, because of the impossibility of attending in-person meetings, the organizers have implemented Whatsapp group conferences to deal with contents related to hygiene and feeding in pandemic times. This new method favored a more active participation from women from said rural communities who, in addition to getting information, generate and share their own recipes through the virtual group. 

“Adolescence and Health” – another program from San Miguel for Argentina- consists of supporting youth from Estación Padilla and Montegrande neighborhoods in subjects related to health and complex, common problems of adolescence. Its organizers also set up a WhatsApp group so that 60 teenagers and 26 mothers dealt with various issues: myths, concerns and false beliefs concerning dengue and coronavirus, sexuality, grooming and cyberbullying, among others.  

At the same time, in South Africa San Miguel approached the Sundays River Valley people to provide them with assistance in the midst of the emergency.  In coordination with the health authorities and the local hospital, the assistance –provided together with other local companies in the framework of the Sundays River Valley Collaborative project- included the identification and sanitization of areas having high risk of infection, the provision of personal protection equipment, the provision of transportation, as well as bread and citrus donation.

In Uruguay, the company donated over 2500 kilograms of fruit to various institutions in Young, Montevideo, Fray Bentos and Canelones districts, including neighborhood associations and pensioners associations which provide food assistance in their communities.

In Peru several initiatives and donations were made in Chincha and Chepén towns. In Chepén, San Miguel provided basic supplies at Centro Poblado San Juan de Dios and at the Shelter for Disabled Children Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, added to the donation of various supplies including fuel, fuel wood, mattresses and tires to local organizations. On the other hand, safety items for physicians of the social insurance institution EsSalud (which serves areas with the presence of the virus) and for the cleaning service of Centro Poblado Hoja Redonda in Chincha were delivered. Also disinfections were carried out and personal protection equipment for the staff of the neighborhood’s traveling market were donated there.