May 26, 2017

Committed to the well-being of the society to which we belong, we promote different volunteer campaigns around the world.  

As every year, in 2017 San Miguel is working with the communities where the company operates to help those most in need. To that end, we promote different actions related to childhood, education and housing in Argentina, Uruguay and South Africa.

Early last month the province of Tucumán was struck by a severe flood. Many families were isolated and others had to be evacuated. Schools and entire villages were cut off as water caused the fall of bridges and severe roads damages.

To help those affected, the Sustainability Committee of Tucumán associates organized an effort to collect clothing and food with the participation of 44 volunteers. The gathered things allowed helping the families of La Madrid. Additionally, San Miguel donated money to the Conciencia Association and sponsored fundraising activities to help the victims of this disaster.

In Uruguay, we continue with the food donation program and maintenance services such as gardening for the rural schools adjacent to our farms. On the other hand, at the corporate headquarters, we cooperate every year with “Santa Clara”’s education project, which helps dozens of children, teenagers and families of San Pablo neighborhood in the province of Buenos Aires.

In a similar way, our office in South Africa works with Love Story NGO in different initiatives to collaborate with the most vulnerable people of our community. Thus, we conduct a clothing collection effort that is still in progress, and in April we hosted a campaign to procure food for different soup kitchens that serve hundreds of families.

These actions help us to grow as a community, reaffirming each day our commitment with the place where we live. We encourage suggestions and participation of our associates in these kinds of initiatives. We rely on the solidarity of our people and are convinced that we can do big things to build a fairer and more equitable society together.