February 23, 2017
Our Business
Andrés Haloua, Fresh Fruit Manager, goes into details about the importance of the Fruit Logistica trade show held in Berlin.
What do you think is the outcome of the trade show? Why is it important for San Miguel to be present? 
The outcome of the trade show is very positive. It is a great opportunity to continue positioning ourselves as a leading citrus company in the Southern Hemisphere, to show our customers the new projects we are working on and the added value that San Miguel provides them. On the other hand, it helps us to understand the needs of our customers and how San Miguel may advise them and provide the products they need.
Personally, it was a great opportunity to introduce myself to customers in my new role as Fresh Fruit Manager and gain an insight into the fresh produce business dynamics.
How is Argentine citrus fruit seen in the world today? Which are the markets/countries with the highest demand?
Argentine citrus fruit continues to be highly demanded in the Northern Hemisphere, and the expectation is that quality and cosmetic appearance are maintained to supply the rigorous quality standards of consumers. We also understand that sweet citrus fruit is very well received in non-traditional markets, which benefits us at the time of choosing what markets are advisable and how to plan its development. 
What are San Miguel's prospects? How did San Miguel's customers receive the new business structure?
We will continue to develop long-term programs with our strategic customers, focusing growth not only on the current points of origin but also on new ones, maintaining San Miguel's quality standards as usual to develop current and future sales channels. Thanks to the great work we have been doing over the last years, today we have an increasing fruit demand we must supply not only from the points of origin where we have our own production but also from other origins, such as Egypt, from where we’ve recently sent our first shipment with Navel oranges.
Clients approved the new structure because they understand the value they may receive from a team devoted to getting fruit from any place in the world. Our goal is to be able to supply our customers over the 12 months of the year and this change of structure was necessary for this. The unification of the Commercial Management, will also allow to strengthen the synergy of the teams and to deepen the advice to our clients with a more strategic perspective. 
How is it important to have sustainability policies that guide San Miguel's work?
Sustainability is to San Miguel a strategic pillar that guides its management. We want to add value and contribute to sustainable development at economic, environmental and social level. 
Today, from the business point of view, sustainability is a value that has an increasing impact on the buying decision of the end consumer. This is why large customers in particular want the suppliers in their value chains to be sustainable.  By being able to develop sales with some sustainable development program, customers prefer spending their money on products that contribute to the welfare of the society rather than going to the competition to pay the same price but with no contribution to social welfare.