November 30, 2017

The Argentine Citrus Federation (Federación Argentina del Citrus) and Coca Cola Argentina are conducting an HLB awareness and prevention campaign in Argentina.

Huanglongbing (HLB) is the most devastating infection affecting citrus crops worldwide, and so far, there is no possible cure for this disease. Although Argentina is currently free from this disease, the threat is still near, affecting adjacent countries such as Brazil and Paraguay.

In this context, The Argentine Citrus Federation (Federcitrus) and Coca Cola Argentina are running a communication campaign intended to promote the social debate surrounding production, health and diet. The campaign is intended to involve different segments of public opinion to achieve the following objectives:

●     Raise awareness at homes about this problem and the care required for HLB prevention;

●     Recognize the importance of the citrus industry as a business that creates jobs and economic value;

●     Promote the domestic consumption of citrus showing their health benefits.

As an industry leader and member of Federcitrus, San Miguel shares the interest in keeping Argentina free from this disease and we join the efforts to raise awareness about the fight against HLB. Thus, we support and spread the initiative by Federcitrus: because we believe that teamwork and grower and consumer awareness are the key elements required to stop the progression of this harmful disease, which represents a serious threat to our crops.