February 23, 2017
Interview with Martín Brasesco
Martin Brasesco, Global Sourcing Manager, goes into details about the importance of the Fresh Fruit trade show held in Berlin and the impact that strategic producers have for San Miguel. 
What does the “Fruit Logistica” trade show mean to San Miguel and, particularly, to your area?
The event is the great fruit trade show gathering all companies, from all over the world. We meet there to see what happened in the year and discuss what we intend to do in the future. 
For the Strategic Sourcing area, the trade show is a very important forum because it allows us to meet with our customers and production areas from other points of origin. 
It is essential because it brings together our end and initial consumers, which are the producers.  On the one hand, this is useful to understand what our customers need, to help them and complement one another. On the other hand, it allows drawing the global production map, identifying where unsatisfied needs are, which new origin opportunities we have, etc.
How is the participation of producers from other parts of world in the trade show important? 
Producers are a very important link in the company's value chain. We set out to incorporate them into our business in a sustainable way, making them strategic partners of the company. Together with San Miguel, the producers reach the customers who add more value to the fruit.
The major importance lies in networking with different productive areas worldwide. San Miguel is trying to incorporate and examine them to be able to add them to its market chain, and thus meet the double objective of providing an improved customer service and sustaining it longer.
San Miguel is an integrated company. Through citrus, we provide a service throughout the chain. At the company, we have set the goal of supplying citrus of the highest quality all year round, and for this purpose it is essential to add new points of origin that allow us to get the fruit volumes and quality we need. 
Could you talk to customers about the new area and its strategy? How was the news received?
Yes, they have welcomed the news. Today, there is an increasing fruit demand worldwide, and our area is just devoted to improving the global sourcing strategy to get higher levels of product to reach our customers with more and better fruit. We are strategic partners in the global fruit supply.
As I was saying before, we are a citrus producing company that ultimately provides a service to its customers. Our mission is to interpret their needs and search new ways to complement one another to reach the end consumer, for which reason they have welcomed the news.
Do you think your area can contribute anything in terms of sustainability?
Yes, of course. A part of sustainability has to do with respecting and going along with the natural life cycle. 
Our sourcing and origin diversification strategy has to do with this. It consists in following the natural cycle of fruit, trying not to force production in places and times where it is not possible, and instead produce when it is naturally feasible in the area. This way we can achieve a more efficient use of non-renewable resources such as water and energy.