April 25, 2017
Our Business

Trends, indicators, relevant information for decision making in a changing and evolving market. San Miguel works to consolidate as a business leader.

San Miguel created the Business Intelligence department in order to provide both internal and external service across the two businesses of the company, Fresh Fruit and Processed Food. Based on this initiative, we will prepare reports on the market with information and indicators that will serve as a source for consultation for its employees and customers. 
This new initiative will bring all the commercial knowledge needed for strategic decision making. Thus, we will be able to provide quantitative information to produce insights on the main global consumer trends. 
Anya Jaworski, Head of Business Intelligence, says that: “With the right survey and the analysis of business information, we can be the first ones to set market trends, share what is happening in the different points of origin and with each product variety”. This is how San Miguel reasserts its identity as a knowledge-based company and continues positioning as the global citrus expert.