September 30, 2022

In addition to being one of the star citrus fruits in international cuisine, the different parts of the lemon provide natural ingredients for beverages, toothpaste, candles, jams and perfumes. 

Every September 30 is celebrated as World Lemon Day, a date on the calendar that invites us to prepare delicious recipes, homemade infusions or signature drinks, but also to discover some secrets about this citrus fruit so important for industrial production. 

From its millenary origin in southern China, where it is worshipped and symbolizes happiness, lemon consumption has spread to countries on all five continents. Although its first uses were culinary (especially for its juice and pulp), today all the components of the lemon are of great value, since they are used to make many products, some of which -perfumes, candles and toothpaste, for example- are not usually associated directly with lemon. 

San Miguel is very proud to be one of the main lemon producers in the southern hemisphere. Our Natural Ingredients division is in charge of offering customers and partners a wide range of sustainable and innovative products, helping to generate value in the lemon derivatives industry. 

Juices and pulps

Our production of 100% natural lemon juice and pulp is a key ingredient in millions of products globally. From each fruit we extract not only nutrients and vitamins, but also unique flavors to produce dehydrated juices (refined powders), Not From Concentrate (NFC, used in premium beverages) and concentrates (used in the food industry). 

San Miguel lemon juice is used, for example, in the production of flavored waters and powdered juices. It is also used in the production of yogurts, cheeses and sweets, where -together with the pulp- it acts as an acidifier to reduce the pH and favor the development of fermentations. 

Oils and essences

Lemon-derived oils are used in a wide variety of industries, such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. This branch produces aromas, essential oils and terpenes in a sustainable way and taking care of the needs of each client. 

Lemon essential oils contribute particular flavors to foods and carbonated beverages, as well as helping to create fragrances for the production of detergents, scented candles and deodorants. Among their many uses, they are also present in solvents for paints, printer inks and plastics. 

Dehydrated Peel.

The dehydrated lemon peel derived from lemons produced in San Miguel is 100% natural. Its main ingredient is pectin, a binder used to give consistency to toothpaste, jams, juices and other foods.

On the other hand, the lemon peel's contribution of vitamins A, B and C, antioxidants and minerals makes it a protagonist in the pharmaceutical and beauty industries, which use it in the production of creams and other cosmetic products.