October 15, 2021

With its juice, pulp, peel and essential oils, lemon is the secret ingredient in thousands of mass-consumption products: from puddings and flavored waters to paint solvents and printer inks.

In addition to its many virtues as fresh fruit (vitamins, minerals, fibers, etc.), lemon is extremely versatile as a natural ingredient: its juice, peel, pulp and essential oils are the secret ingredients of thousands of industrial products for daily consumption.

Beyond flavoring carbonated beverages and foods, lemon essential oils help create fragrances for products as varied as detergents, scented candles or deodorants. Additionally, oils are present in paint solvents, printer inks, and plastic products.

The lemon peel, for its part, is a source of pectin, a binder used in the production of toothpastes and jams. Due to its contribution of vitamins A, B and C, antioxidants and minerals, the pharmaceutical and beauty industries use the peel in the production of creams and cosmetic products.

Lemon juice is used in the production of different types of beverages, such as flavored waters or powdered juices. While in yogurts, cheeses and sweets -both the juice and the pulp- act as acidifiers, necessary to reduce the pH and favor the development of fermentations. Meanwhile, the aqueous and oily phases extracted from lemon juice, are frequently used in the alcoholic beverage industry: when mixed with base drinks, they give the final product its characteristic bouquet.

San Miguel present at Anuga 2021

As leader in the Southern hemisphere in the production of lemon-derived natural ingredients, San Miguel said “present” at Anuga 2021 edition, the renowned international fair for the food and beverage industry. Between October 9 and 13, we received clients and colleagues from the sector at stands D017 and D019 in Hall 8.1 of the fair, which this year took place in Cologne, Germany.

“San Miguel is the world's leading producer of natural lemon ingredients. We process more than 300 thousand tons of lemons out of the 2MM tons processed worldwide”, says Manuel Suárez Altuna, Global Sourcing and Natural Ingredients Director. And he adds: "Thanks to our multiple points of origin (Argentina, Uruguay and South Africa) we can satisfy the needs of different markets and consumers, through the customized development of all kinds of solutions”.