August 9, 2021

Because they are easy to peel and have many nutritional properties, mandarins are positioned as the ideal fruit for school-age children.

We do not need a knife to peel them and their segments are easily separated. Seedless varieties are even more convenient: we do not have to get our hands dirty to get the seeds out and are safer for younger children. This is why mandarins are known as the perfect snack, ideal for children -and adults- to have always at hand during school breaks or at their workplaces.

These citrus fruits are also full of nutritional properties that help to strengthen the immune system. Their high vitamin C content increases our defenses and protects us against viruses, flus and colds; while other vitamins and nutrients they have help us have a healthy skin and heal wounds.

Due to this number of attributes, more and more adults choose them as a snack for themselves and their children, in line with a growing trend that seeks to replace the consumption of processed food with healthier and more natural options.

During the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere, at San Miguel we produce different types of mandarins in Peru, South Africa and Uruguay, among which the Afourer, Nadorcott, Tango, Clementine and W.Murcott varieties stand out.

In order to have more presence in the shelves of big retailers and be increasingly closer to consumers, last year we launched Clemy, a new brand of Peruvian mandarins. This variety, which is seedless and easy to peel, has been commercialized in supermarket chains in Mexico since last year, being very popular with adults and children.