November 30, 2017

During Aliment.AR trade show, the National Ministry of Agribusiness awarded us the seal “Alimentos Argentinos” (Argentine Food) for our “fresh lemon” protocol.

The certification "Alimentos Argentinos, una elección natural" (Argentine Food, a natural choice) is a quality brand, which evaluates and certifies the quality and high added value of food and beverages produced in the country.

During the first edition of Aliment.AR, the seal “Alimentos Argentinos” was awarded to San Miguel as a recognition to its fresh lemon production. This seal ensures that San Miguel's lemons are subject to thorough quality processes and continuous audits by third-party entities, to ensure compliance with national and international standards required by the industry to introduce national products into global markets. It considers product requirements or attributes, where differentiating values of the raw materials, attributes of the process, such as traceability, and of the containers, such as cleanliness and food packaging, are considered.

“San Miguel is a global citrus expert. Our more than 60 years of experience in citrus production made us an industry leader in international trade. The seal “Alimentos Argentinos” is a great differentiating attribute for us and the country, because it guarantees the top quality of our lemons from its point of origin. It is a country brand for each food we export,concluded Lucas Méndez Trongé, Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Director at San Miguel, after receiving this distinction.

Lucas Méndez Trongé receives the seal Alimentos Argentinos from Ricardo Negri (National Agribusiness Minister), Néstor Roulet (Secretary of Added Value of the National Agribusiness Ministry) and José Carbonell (President of Federcitrus).