October 30, 2017
Our company

With Peru as a new point of origin, San Miguel starts selling non-citrus fresh fruit such as table grapes and avocado.

We always take on the challenge of innovating and growing; this is part of our DNA. Thus, based on the incorporation of Peru as a new point of origin, we have added two new fruits to our portfolio: avocado and table grapes.

As regards grapes, the premium varieties we will grow in the region are Sweet Globe, with a large long cluster, good production, and round to oval crunchy and very firm berries, and Jack's Salute, a sweet-flavor, firm, seedless grape.

Harvest is scheduled for the first days of December, thus grapes will soon be in the market. Agustina Fabbio, New Business Development Manager, says that grapes are a dynamic crop, with very short work and care times, and some critical control points: “Operation is crucial: the harvest, arrival at packing house and cooling process times. From the moment a cluster is cut off in the field to the time the grape enters the cooling tunnel, it may take no longer than 6 hours.”

Agustina also talks about the characteristics of the grapes that San Miguel will offer: “We have new patented varieties in our fields, which are highly valued by customers. They are known as ‘Premium grapes’ in the seedless grape market, and one of its positive features is the size of the grape. Generally, supermarkets ask for a minimum size of 13-18 mm; these grapes are larger than 20 mm. We estimate that we will send a large part of production to the United States, since this is the market that values them most.”

The quality of Peru as a grape producer is a great way to introduce this product to buyers from around the world. Through the incorporation of this new point of origin, San Miguel extends its sourcing window and approaches the objective of maintaining relationships with its customers throughout the year, to build a much more consistent and strategic bond.