June 13, 2022

At San Miguel we keep on betting on the development of disruptive technologies that help us use less energy and natural resources.


Sustainability is one of the great pillars of San Miguel. Through new programs and projects, we seek to operate in an increasingly efficient and sustainable manner. To this aim, we have the valuable contribution of our IT team, in charge of identifying potential problems and developing the most appropriate solutions. One of them is an initiative inspired by the winning pilot test presented by San Miguel at Innoweek 2021, the annual SAP hackathon that awards the most innovative developments in different types of industries.


Through the implementation of IoT (Internet of Things) and Machine Learning technologies, this initiative seeks to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption in our industrial complex in Famaillá (Tucumán), as well as promote the use of renewable energies.


The installation of an online registration system through the integration of Programmable Logic Controllers also allows obtaining vital information for the operation of the plant, connecting to the network scales, sensors, thermometers, flow-meters, different machines, equipment and devices, generating alerts in case of any deviation, and proposing decision rules to the operation in order to correct it. At a later stage, the system will be able to perform even further automations, such as autonomously powering on, shutting down, and adjusting of equipment.


“This tool will start operating next month at 100%. Today it is already providing us with important information, and we are convinced that it will be a change in the efficient management of our production processes”, explains Matías Ortega, Manager of Engineering & Maintenance at San Miguel.


in Uruguay, other initiative of San Miguel that uses IoT as a disruptive technology is being developed. Along with Sensordata, we are implementing precision agriculture concepts, in order to simply and efficiently control agricultural product applications in real time. This technology consists of sensors installed in tractors, sprayers and other tools that record and transmit information to a tablet via satellite. Among other functions, it is possible to control the route, the forward speed and the flow applied.


Thus, day after day, at San Miguel we aim at minimizing the environmental impact by consciously and responsibly using natural resources at the sites where we operate, working collaboratively among the different areas of our organization through our people’s experience and innovation.