August 30, 2021

We launched this proposal focused on the development of our colleagues designed as a global platform, to be locally adapted and implemented.

In July, we launched On, a new program to boost the development of San Miguel's colleagues.  Divided into three learning categories, which match the entire life cycle that people go through in the organization, contents are classified into: Lead my experience, Lead others and Lead the organization.

“Three years ago, we started a cultural transformation journey and, as part of that journey, it was a priority for us to define a leadership model that connects the constructive behaviors through which we want to achieve business results, to the development of our people,” says Guillermina Maier, Global Director of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs.

The contents of each category are presented in courses and modules that provide tools to build distinctions and skills in communication, execution, team management, change management, strategy and planning, among others. Under San Miguel's values and behavior model, through this program we also seek to transform the career experiences and boost the potential of our teams.

Through On, our colleagues access the organization's own content and hundreds of trainings available online through an e-learning platform. “Access is super simple and swift, through an app that we managed to integrate thanks to a collaborative process with the Technology area. It took us several months of design with my team and of co-creation with Technology, certainly a sensational learning experience for everyone,” celebrates Guillermina.