March 28, 2017

In a new edition of this initiative, we incorporated more students from each of the 7 schools that take part in the project.

With the beginning of the 2017 school year, we also began a new year of the Cre-Ser program. This initiative, which we have been carrying out for five years with Asociación Conciencia in seven primary schools of Tucumán (Argentina), is intended to improve the development conditions of children in terms of education, health and recreation.

Through this program, we have been steadily working with the most socially and educationally vulnerable students from the second, third and fourth grades of the schools located in Famaillá and Burruyacú. This year, students from the 5th grade of all the schools have also joined the program. From a comprehensive approach to the child, the schools and the families, the program provides school support to more than 300 students at learning risk to prevent that they drop out, and it also provides workshops for parents, training for teachers, and organizes community, artistic and sports activities.

Asociación Conciencia conducts diagnostic and follow-up assessments on the school progress of children, to work individually with them and develop activities aimed at improving their learning.

We, at San Miguel, sustain our calling for promoting the local development of the communities where we operate, working focused on three core aspects: nutrition, health and education.