August 28, 2017
Our company

San Miguel adds a new origin for fresh fruit with the acquisition of Agricola Hoja Redonda S.A., a peruvian leading company in the production of premium mandarins. Thus, we continue to strengthen our exports in order to reach more and more homes worldwide.

Within the framework of its expansion strategy in the Southern hemisphere, San Miguel completed the purchase of Agrícola Hoja Redonda S.A, the biggest tangerine producer in Peru. “San Miguel reaffirms its commitment towards being consolidated as a leader off-season citrus fruit supplier, offering volume, quality and variety to meet the demands of the most sophisticated and highest development potential markets”, ensured Romain Corneille, San Miguel's global CEO.

Peru is one of the main tangerine producers in the Southern hemisphere and it projects an exceptional exports growth for this product for the next five years. Its tangerines export destinations are premium markets, such as the United States (37% of the total) and the United Kingdom (23%).

Specifically, Agrícola Hoja Redonda leads the production of the Tango and W. Murcott varieties in Peru, which are highly appreciated in this kind of markets, as they are seedless specialties and have a good color.

Besides its tangerine business, AHR produces modern varieties avocados and table grapes, which will enable San Miguel to learn and grow in the field of other non-citrus fresh fruits, and expand its supply offer to the markets throughout the year.

Growing means for us, reaching more and more clients and homes worldwide. With this new origin, San Miguel ensures its presence in 4 out of the 6 more relevant countries in the Southern hemisphere as regards Premium quality citrus fruits exports (Argentina, South Africa, Uruguay and Peru), empowering the company's portfolio and making its offer even more sustainable.

Growing means for San Miguel reaching more and more homes around the world. Our people in Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa and now Peru, work every day for it.