October 1, 2018
Our company

A year after of our arrival in Peru, the company participated in Expo Alimentaria, one of Latin America's most relevant food trade shows.

San Miguel was present at Expo Alimentaria in Lima, an unmissable meeting point for international business in the food, beverage and service sector in Latin America.

In this event, we had the honor to receive Peru's Vice President, Mercedes Aráoz, and Agriculture Minister, Gustavo Mostajo.

From this point of origin, we offer mandarin premium varieties Tango and W. Murcott, which are highly appreciated in the world's most sophisticated markets, as well as avocado and table grapes, the first non-citrus fruits that San Miguel has added to its portfolio.

A year after our arrival in Peru, the company consolidates in this point of origin with an increase in production from 2017. Additionally, we continue growing based on the incorporation of new table grape and Tango mandarin fields.

We also continue working hard on growing grapes, for which we have not only duplicated the amount of productive hectares, but also added new varieties for next crop season: Sugar Crisp®, one of the best seedless late varieties, of great flavor and crunchy texture; and Sweet Sapphire®, which is bluish in color, large in size and has a very peculiar long shape and very good flavor.

“The presence of the company in Peru fits perfectly within our corporate strategy to expand the sweet citrus share in our portfolio,” affirms Lucas Méndez Trongé, Sustainability and Institutional Relations Director at San Miguel. “We are very satisfied with the incorporation of the new point of origin into San Miguel's business, but we are even more satisfied with the professional quality we have found in Peru, with the knowledge and specialization level of its people and mainly with the human quality of every individual,” concludes Méndez Trongé.