January 3, 2017

Given the growing demand of the market, San Miguel adapts its organizational structure to be even closer to the needs of its customers.

Looking forward to the new season, we defined a new strategy for supplying our raw material, which will be implemented globally and will be managed by a new Corporate Management, specially created for this purpose.

Alejandro Moralejo assumed the new Strategic Direction of Global Fruit Supply, with the objective of securing the necessary raw material to respond to the growing demand.

From this new area, the global supply plan can be defined by: coordinating the different production alternatives, own leases, controlled producers, and strategic producers, among others. Under its responsibility, Global Sourcing teams will work together with the Fruit Production teams from each country of origin.

This new framework will help us to strengthen the relationship with our strategic partners, and together generate a higher volume of products of the highest quality and 100% aligned with what markets expect.

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Commercial synergy

On the other hand, we have unified the Commercial Management of Fresh Fruit and Processed Food into a single Corporate Commercial Management, which will result in tangible benefits for our customers and a greater efficiency in the usage of the fruit.

Maximiliano D'Alessandro, assumed the position of Corporate Commercial Director with the objective of implementing a unique commercial strategy for the company.

In his new role, he will work in tune with the Strategic Direction of Global Supply, to generate the supply needed to achieve the satisfaction of current and potential customers worldwide. Therefore, his immediate challenge is to achieve the quality and volume required in the new international context.

Watch interview with Maximiliano D´Alessandro

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