June 2, 2022

LUMI Agro, a technological application that eliminates microorganisms in crops and avoids the use of agrochemicals, was the winner of the contest that rewards entrepreneurs and startups. 


After four months of selecting and evaluating projects, the second edition of Eureka, the contest organized by San Miguel and driven by Inicia entrepreneurial community, which recognizes innovative ventures in the agricultural industry of Argentina and Uruguay, has come to an end. 


On this occasion, the winner was LUMI Agro, an UV-C radiation technology application that helps eliminate microorganisms in crops and avoids the use of agrochemicals. In addition to the application of phytosanitary products, the venture also seeks to make a more efficient use of water and take care of the producer’s safety. The first prize consisted of a seed fund of $500,000, connection rounds and incubation for the company for three months. 


Apolo Biotech, a development of new clean, safe and organic technologies to replace synthetic pesticides in the growing of vegetables and fruits, obtained the second place, while Arquito, Elytron and Originio projects received special mentions. 


After receiving more than 90 projects (contest record), the 15 finalists submitted to the jury proposals related to one of the three verticals of the contest: AgTech (new technologies, implements, apps or software applied to primary citrus production), Smart Processes (impact on measurement, optimization and improvements in processing plants) and Positive Impact (economically, socially and environmentally).


“It makes me feel most proud to be part of this contest that boosts innovation and good practices that tomorrow will revolutionize the sector. I wanted to congratulate not only the 15 finalists and winners, but also the more than 90 entrepreneurs who submitted important proposals, fully creative and talented. I encourage you to move forward to continue developing new technologies that transform the industry”, says Federico Viola, Global Technology Manager at San Miguel.


The jury that evaluated and selected the winners of Eureka 2022 was made up of both representatives of San Miguel and authorities from the entrepreneurial ecosystem: Pablo H. Plá (CEO), Federico Viola (Global Technology Manager), Manuel Suárez Altuna (Global Sourcing and Natural Ingredients Director), Jacqueline Ramallo (Integral Global Knowledge Management Leader), Sebastián Ignacio Senesi (Director of the Master's Degree in Agribusiness at FAUBA), Inés Amuchástegui (Independent HR Consultant), Georgina Escudero (Entrepreneurial Development Director, Undersecretary of Entrepreneurs in the Ministry of Productive Development) and Maximiliano Martínez Márquez (CEO of IDEP Tucumán).