May 9, 2018
Gacetilla de prensa

Buenos Aires, April 27, 2018.- San Miguel, the leading company in the production and export of citrus fruits from the southern hemisphere, continues to expand its portfolio with the start of its exports of Hass avocados from its farms in Peru. This is the second time (after the grape in December 2017) that the company incorporates non-citrus fruits into its international offer.

The main destinations of the more than 5,000 tons of Hass San Miguel avocado will be Europe, the United States and Asia. "The season is developing with great success and according to plan. It is the first time that we export avocado from San Miguel and this is undoubtedly a great challenge that fills us with pride. With avocado, one of the crops with the highest consumption worldwide, we reaffirm our position in the global fruit market, "says Claudio Albarracín, General Manager of San Miguel in Peru.


In the last 10 years, avocado consumption has grown between 8% in the United States and 10% in Europe. It is a very high growth rate, which was sustained over time and accelerated in recent years. San Miguel understands that because of its versatility and high nutritional value, avocado has great potential to sustain this trend in the future.


 San Miguel has its own operations in Peru since August 2017, since the acquisition of Agrícola Hoja Redonda S.A. (AHR). On average, Peruvian avocado production has grown by 14% between 2012 and 2016, even above the global average. Also, thanks to its reputation in the international market as a producer of high quality fresh fruits, Peruvian exports continue to ensure its positioning in the most demanding markets.


 "We are focused on learning about this crop and consolidating our position as suppliers of the most developed markets, but at the same time we do not rule out future possibilities for growth in this segment," says Albarracín.


Claudio Albarracín, General Manager of San Miguel in Peru