September 21, 2020

Aiming at being closer to the consumer, the company has started selling fruit with San Miguel Brand at online retail stores and has deepen the commercial program with one of the largest e-commerce firms in China. is the largest online retailer in China. The commercial bond between San Miguel and JD began three years ago and has been growing in depth, volume and product diversity since then. 

‘We started working together with oranges and grapefruits from South Africa to supply the online retail channel and their offline stores called 7fresh. During 2020, we added mandarins from South Africa and lemons from Argentina, allowing us to stablish as a multi-origin supplier’, tells María del Pilar Arévalo, Commercial Manager for Asia at San Miguel. Pilar also mentioned that in the next few months shipments of Peruvian table grapes will be arriving before Chinese New Year’s celebrations. 

This year San Miguel’s branding and packaging was officially launched at the Chinese e-commerce platform. This marketing activities were originally designed for oranges from South Africa and have also included video content focused on showing the natural origin and quality of the product.

When the first shipments of Argentinian lemon arrived last August, after 20 years of negotiations between Argentina & China to open this destiny, this yellow fruit joined the branding initiatives as well.

A partnership between both firms means a new step into expanding the business of San Miguel in one the most important markets of the world. ‘By implementing this kind of activities, we believe that we can offer more value to the Chinese consumer that highly appreciates import products, quality and brand’, points out María del Pilar. 

Due to the seasonality of production in each Hemisphere, San Miguel’s products cover a window when there is no local fruit. The fresh lemon offer, for instance, is especially relevant in China, a country where the tea consumption increases every year and where both lemon juice and slices of fresh lemon are key ingredients to upgrade this drink. 

“JD Fresh has been making effort on building-up the supply chain system as our competitive advantage, with operating warehouse and delivery system by ourselves. From we start importing directly, San Miguel has been effectively supporting us on providing high quality product to our online and offline consumers. We are aiming to broaden San Miguel product line on our platform and promote Multi-origin branding”, explains Una Wang, Purchasing Manager from  

‘It is very important for us to keep growing in this country, where citrus consumption is rising. Having JD as a strategic partner allows us to reach Chinese territory in an effective way with high quality products’, concludes Arévalo.