August 28, 2017
Our Business

It is the first time in history that argentine lemons are sent to this market Therefore, San Miguel enhances its positioning strategy in Latin America.

A new window of opportunities opens up for San Miguel. Mexico is a market with a very high potential due to its big population and consumption needs.

This pilot first shipment represents a historical fact for Argentine lemon exports, which lets us start a new relationship with Mexican clients and make the company's excellent quality products be known.

From San Miguel, we are working to develop the relationship with the clients and add more value to the region. In this sense, we seek to build new sales channels through big supermarket chain programs, a critical axis for LATAM's business strategy.

"We have the possibility to enter the market offering lemon in the off-season window. It is a country with a high demand for Sicilian lemons and scarce production of that variety. Making the most of Argentina's natural window, we can reach the market with better fruit and at a better price”, says the Business Manager, Maximiliano D´Alessandro.

San Miguel continues to build new sales channels through the development of programs for the big supermarket chains, which are the fundamental axis of the commercial strategy for Latin America.

Romain Corneille, CEO of San Miguel, leaves us some final words about this new relationship we started to build: “In a world where many changes may be foreseen, we have big challenges and opportunities to empower our business platform and keep on growing. The opening of the Mexican market for Argentine lemons continues strengthening the agricultural export potential of the country as regards citrus fruits and shows the excellent quality of our products.