April 25, 2017
Our Company

After eight years of presence in South Africa  with more than 1,000 company-owned hectares under production, San Miguel starts a new season there to supply food to millions of people around the world.

The season in South Africa had a great start, both in terms of production and quality. With the support of partner growers, we expect to prepare 78,000 tons of fruit to be exported.
This year the company will start selling its fruit to the US market directly from two farms located in the Western Cape, the only area in the region allowed to sell to the United States. Additionally, committed to the quality of its products, San Miguel adopted new technology in equipment for the packing plant, which allows improving fruit selection.
Alejandro Lucas, San Miguel Country Manager for South Africa, tells about the strategy for this year: “At the end of last year, we started working on a twofold strategy: growth and consolidation. This implies coordinating two things: continue our expansion and, at the same time, go back to the basics and details to gain efficiencies and add more value to our operation.” 
Other of the core challenges for this year has to do with the global sourcing corporate strategy. “We have developed a very strong Procurement team in South Africa, which is responsible for the relationship with partner growers. The business is focused on improving service to producers, deepening our relationship with them and achieving a better performance in the organization,” explains Alejandro.
This way, San Miguel continues consolidating as a multiple origin player that produces food globally for the five continents.