November 7, 2022

At SIAL and the Juice Summit, we shared the latest industry trends with colleagues, partners and clients from different parts of the world.

After a few hard years caused by the pandemic, going back to normal allows us to meet face to face again with the main actors from the beverage and food sectors. Recently, San Miguel was the star of two of the most relevant global activities of our industry in Belgium and France.

On October 12 and 13, we took part in a new edition of the Juice Summit, a meeting held in Antwerp, which featured several speakers and representatives of the sector. A few days later, we travelled to Paris to be part of SIAL (Salon International de l’alimentation).

Under the motto “Inspire Food Business”, this year SIAL featured more than 7,000 exhibitors. A place where we welcomed clients in our own stall to review the season results and share the company news. Further, we discussed topics relevant to the entire industry, such as sustainable practices, trends and challenges of the value chain.

“It's very rewarding to meet in person at an event of such magnitude. Even though the teams have been able to remain connected with our strategic partners, via online resources and in-person visits, these exhibitions provide allow us to share a unique all together: colleagues, clients and suppliers. It's a celebration for the entire industry,” says Eduardo Felgueras, San Miguel's Business Manager

Besides, in this edition of the fair, two new San Miguel products, Lemon Bioactive Complex and Lemon PectoFiber Prebiotic, were preselected by SIAL Innovation, the space within the exhibition that evaluates new developments in the food and beverage industry. 

Verónica Infante, Head of New Product Development, points out, “In the I&D area we are proud of the fact that two of our developments have been selected at SIAL Innovation. Having been distinguished has been a milestone for us as a company, and it recognises the effort and resources that, for so many years, the company has put into the search for new market solutions.