April 25, 2017
Our Company

The company was recognized at the “Hana Innovation Award 2017” for a project of technology applied to improvements in the processes and operating capacity.

SAP HANA recognizes those strategic partners that use the platform to get innovations in their business. In 2017, San Miguel won the award in the “Industry Disrupter Regional Choice” category for creating a Farm Management Project intended to improve planning and execution processes for production tasks in our fields. 
San Miguel based this project on 3 strategic pillars: planning, execution and analysis. The first one relates to structuring the production tasks in SAP. Based on the "Eureka" program that was implemented last year, we performed a system upgrade that allows systematizing the information better, and ensures its order and traceability.
The second pillar is the introduction of the Business Intelligence (BI) system, which allows developing indicators and reports on the information included in SAP, thus allowing them to be analytically and strategically analyzed. 
Finally, the creation of a mobile application to improve the recording of the tasks structured in the field. This application allows uploading data in real time from the execution of the planning previously uploaded in SAP. This resource that will start to be used in 2017 will allow obtaining more accurate and reliable information. The development process of this application also has an innovation element  as it was created using the “Design Thinking” model focused on the needs of the user and its experience with the application. 
Federico Viola, Applications Officer, tells us that “this program is intended to add value to our production processes, improving the different instances of the process in an integrated way. Now we have a better systematization, greater accuracy in the recording of the tasks performed, as well as tools to strategically use that information and improve decision-making.”
This award recognizes the daily work done by San Miguel. Innovation forms part of our DNA, because we constantly seek opportunities to keep growing with a global and integrating outlook.