February 24, 2021

We keep on consolidating this system that helps us work on continuous improvement and on the development of our people.

Now that this year has started, we are already consolidating SAVIA, a system that through a series of practices and tools allows us to obtain results marked by excellence, in a sustainable way.

In nature, sap is the fluid containing water and other nutrients that circulate through the conducting vessels of plants and whose function is to nourish them so as to achieve a robust growing. In San Miguel we find this nutrition concept adequate to show how we want to do things and how we want to constantly grow.

“SAVIA is supported by the joint development of two fundamental pillars: management and people. Both pillars work on the routine works and tasks that we do every day in order to have a single standard that allows us achieve good results. We aim at connecting the satisfaction and pride of each of us in our daily work with the business objectives we must achieve", says Fernando de Achával, COO of San Miguel.

The management pillar contains the working methods and tools through which we manage the company's processes; the people pillar, on its part, contains the processes and tools through which we manage our people. Both pillars work in an interrelated way, are implemented transversally throughout the organization and constitute the method through which we ensure the achievement of results of excellence, which are the ultimate goal of the system.

We are convinced that, as an organization, we generate excellent results when people get involved and focus on the management of our plants, our machines and our work equipment.

SAVIA is transforming the way we work in San Miguel. Since its start-up in packing and fields in 2019, we have achieved an optimization of resources such as energy and materials that resulted in savings of more than US$3,600,000. In this development path, we are also making our processes more efficient, strengthening team dynamics and synergies, and deepening the empowerment of our people based on continuous learning of new management tools.

We are proud of the pathway we have gone through and look forward to the challenges that still lay ahead!