July 20, 2021

We launched the Sustainable Logistics Project in Uruguay, aimed at improving efficiency and promoting responsible practices among our transport suppliers.

Focused on taking care of each step of our value chain, in San Miguel we have started a new project to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the greenhouse gases in our logistics operations.

The initiative, carried out together with the National Development Agency of Uruguay (ANDE), is designed in two stages. First, a diagnose and monitor phase, to identify challenges, gaps and improvement opportunities. Secondly, a next stage where suppliers are meant to implement an action plan with the initiatives that they’ve mapped in order to reach a more sustainable process, while improving its productivity and achieving a fuel use reduction.

 “The main goal of this project is to deepen the sustainable path in our operations, in all stages and sites, minimizing any negative effect that our activity could cause to the environment”, describes Teresa Grossi, Environment Supervisor at San Miguel in Uruguay.

8 companies of internal transport signed up for the project voluntarily, representing almost 70% of our total fleet. They have committed to monitor and periodically report the consumption and the key indicators.

“During 2020, we completed the diagnose stage for each supplier. For this year, we have planned to start deploying the action plans, developing the activities and applying the new tools mapped in this project”, says Teresa.

Among other things, the program seeks to reduce the fuel consumption, include better practices in driving and transport maintenance, as well as applying management tools and formalizing human resources and planning processes.

 “To carry out this project, besides the National Development Agency support, we are partnering with the companies that transport our fruit from our farms to the packing houses or industrial facility. We have been working with these suppliers for several years now, and we have built a great professional relationship, based on confidence and the aspiration of growing together with San Miguel”, says Teresa.