June 27, 2017
Our company

We obtained the PRODUCTOYUNGAS certification after developing a partnership to protect the flora and fauna of the Yungas in Tucumán, the natural ecosystem where we carry out our main production operations.

Enhancing the commitment to improving the quality of life of the communities where we operate, together with Fundación ProYungas, we developed the Protected Productive Landscape Program. This initiative incorporates our production into a model for the conservation of the native woodlands and their biodiversity.

Based on a survey of the environmental context, management guidelines were defined based on the areas of interest for conservation and areas with productive potential identified. In its fields, San Miguel protects 1.5 hectares of native woodlands for every one productive hectare.

Though a Biodiversity Conservation Plan, ProYungas periodically sets up cameras to identify the fauna living in the yungas —one of the highest biodiversity ecosystems in Argentina−, thus contributing to its conservation. At least 200 bird species and 97 mammal species, including 6 species in danger of extinction, were identified.

The result of this work we started with the Foundation three years ago is the certification as PRODUCTOYUNGAS. This seal certifies the origin of San Miguel's products in a yungas context, ensuring its preservation. We seek to maintain the conditions required so that, along with the farms, a living ecosystem continues to grow in harmony.

We are proud of the journey we are on. We promote the balance of resources in the ecosystem, while ensuring the future sustainability of the company's production. This is a sensitive way to give back to nature what it gives us,” says Lucas Méndez Trongé, Sustainability and Institutional Relations Director at San Miguel.

Protecting the native woodlands and their biodiversity is a commitment made by San Miguel and ProYungas to the next generations. Because taking care of our land is taking care of the future.