February 21, 2022

Fresh grapes are appreciated by consumers around the world who want a practical, tasty fruit with high nutritional value.

There are few things more tempting than a bunch of grapes at the right point of ripeness. Any variety -white, red or black- of this fruit is a perfect natural snack that has been associated with wellness and healthy eating since ancient times. 

In addition to their pleasant flavor -generally sweet and lightly acid- table grapes are full of nutritional properties beneficial to the body. 

“Resveratrol, a component found in grape skin, acts as an antioxidant and helps to block free radicals, which are responsible for cell aging. It is also associated to cardiovascular health, since it intervenes in the reduction of LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in the blood,” explains Cristina Maceira, B.Sc. in Nutrition (National Professional License No. 1390).

Other properties present in grapes are carbohydrates, which provide energy and are recommended, for example, for athletes. Their main carbohydrate is fructose, which makes them suitable for consumption by people with diabetes (as long as they do not exceed the serving size). 

Its fiber content promotes intestinal health, improving the microbiota, detoxifying the body and preventing constipation. Additionally, being a healthy and accessible snack, table grapes are ideal for snacking between meals: they provide a feeling of satiety and help to keep us hydrated, especially in times of high temperatures. 

At San Miguel we produce four types of premium seedless grapes from our farms in Peru: Sweet Globe®, Sweet Sapphire®, Jack’s Salute® and Sugar Crisp®. Our recommendation: taste them fresh and in season to appreciate their characteristic flavor and get the best of their many nutritional properties. 

Here we share two recipes that are perfect to enjoy in summer in the Southern Hemisphere.


Grape, pear and Parmesan salad


- Lettuce leaves 

- 1 pear

- 20 g black grapes

- 20 g Parmesan cheese

- 20 g nuts

- 1 lemon

- 4 tbsp. virgin olive oil

- 1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar

- Salt and pepper 



  1. In a bowl, peel the pear, cut into thin wedges and sprinkle with lemon juice.

  2. Cut the Parmesan cheese into flakes and add to the preparation.

  3. Cut the grapes in half, remove the seeds and add to the bowl.

  4. Add clean and drained lettuce leaves.

  5. Dress with olive oil and balsamic vinegar; add salt and pepper. Toss.


Grape, spinach and banana smoothie


- 200 g spinach

- 2 bananas

- 200 g green grapes

- 1 cc stevia

- 1 glass of water

- Ice cubes



  1. Peel the grapes and remove the seeds.

  2. Wash the spinach.

  3. Peel and chop the bananas.

  4. Put the grapes, spinach, bananas, water and stevia to taste into the mixing cup.

  5. Grind well, add the ice cubes and grind again.

  6. Serve in individual glasses and consume immediately.