December 20, 2021

From growth in fresh fruit exports and sales in Natural Ingredients, to the renewed sourcing network and the progress of our sustainability strategy. This is a review of this year's highlights. 

2021 is coming to an end and it was a year of great achievements, new challenges and learning. It was also - like 2020 - a complex year, which challenged us to adapt and seek creative solutions to address the context. Thanks to the teamwork and effort of our associates and partners, we were able to fulfill our commitments.

In a scenario of unprecedented logistical complexity, we were able to stock up on the required supplies and send all our shipments to our customers around the world, fulfilling our agreements and reaffirming our position in the markets. 

In the fresh fruit business, we are planning to achieve record sales, reaching over 173,000 tons, a higher volume than 2020 which had also been a record have reached an all-time record for fresh fruit exports. At the same time, we have doubled Argentine lemon exports to the United States, and once again, we were able to sustain our leading position in processing for the production of Natural Ingredients (lemon peel and oil). Additionally, for the second year in a row, we have beaten the record in lemon juice sales.

Another milestone in 2021 was the consolidation of the fruit sourcing matrix through strategic partners. This year we have begun sourcing from the Andes with growers from Peru, a destination from which we exported avocado, mandarins, grapes and organic limes.

In another difficult year when it comes to the pandemic, we have redoubled our efforts to continue protecting the health and safety of our associates. Additionally, we focused on being closer to the communities where we operate, strengthening our health, nutrition and development programs at all operations. 

Within the company, we have deepened our management model through SAVIA in Argentina, achieving significant improvements in efficiency and savings. We have incorporated new technologies in our processes, like a mobile solution for harvest and a platform for growers that is integrated to our commercial apps. Furthermore, we launched the digital program based on automation, infonomics, digital ecosystem, digital skills and workplace.

Regarding financial management, during this year we have issued Corporate Bonds in the Argentine capital market for more than USD 100 million and we have been pioneers in issuing a Sustainability Linked Bond in the country, by which we have committed to supply 66% of our Famaillá Industrial Complex with renewable energies over a 12-month period. 

This commitment is part of the Climate Action Plan, an initiative that was recognized with three awards this year: the Social Entrepreneur Award from the Foro Ecuménico y Social, the 1st place in Climate Change Category from the British Chamber Award and the first place in SAP Innoweeks, an ESG Hackathon organized by SAP. (Link)

Thus, 2021 is coming to an end. A year in which we have reached important milestones to continue writing San Miguel's history.