September 1, 2014
Supply Chain

The transport of our products from Tucumán to the port of Buenos Aires has recently gained a new ally: Trenes Argentinos railroad. The extension of this railroad translates into a 25% savings in logistics and is a great achievement fostered by our company.

Through an agreement long sought by those responsible for our Logistics, and based on the confirmation of San Miguel as a first customer in this new stage, it was possible to recover the historical citrus transport: the former Belgrano railroad (now Trenes Argentinos / Cargas y Logística). This new supplier allows us to be more efficient and improve our freight alternatives.

After more than 15 years, a train of that railroad carrying 624 tons of lemon peel of our company to be exported to Europe left again towards the port of Buenos Aires.

Dehydrated lemon peel is the main raw material used to produce pectin, an essential input in the food industry and with some applications also in the pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to San Miguel's commitment, the first shipment of the train was made on Tuesday July 8, with 24 40-feet containers sent from Manuel García Fernández station at Leales (Tucumán) to the Port of Buenos Aires.

TACL's President, Marcelo Bosch, said that “the recovery of such citrus traffic implies a 25% savings in the cost of logistics as compared to any other means of transport”, which is a further step towards efficiency for our company.