October 30, 2017

Under the ‘Improving my home’ program and in association with Tucumán government, we enabled the execution of title deeds of lands for 23 families from ‘La Mago’ neighborhood.

Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the ‘Improving my home’ program is an initiative intended to pave the way to a decent home for the people of our community.

In this context, San Miguel donated lands adjacent to the packing plant and to some farms of the province of Tucumán, which will allow more than 90 families to access housing improvements and project their development.

Together with the provincial government, we have moved forward to regularize the ownership, and Governor Juan Manzur participated in the first official ceremony to grant the documents to 23 families from ‘La Mago’ neighborhood.

Martín Carignani, Country Manager of San Miguel Argentina, highlighted some features of the initiative: "We completed the first stage of this program in October, after granting the first deeds. We have plans for a huge amount of lands to be donated in La Mago, Sunchal and El Naranjo neighborhoods. This is intended to improve the quality of life of the families and strengthen the community relationship of the company, keeping close to the concerns of the people who stand by our side day after day.”

San Miguel believes in the importance of home as a place where people may find support and grow. This is why we continue working to improve the quality of life of our community and give better development opportunities to the future generations.