July 31, 2017
Our company

We have launched “Integrated Business Planning” so that the different areas from our multiple origins can manage San Miguel’s global strategy in an articulated way.

In order to think and plan in the long-term, boost the business foreseeability and strategy, last May we implemented the “Integrated Business Planning” project. This is a business planning process intended to integrate the different areas, which complements the traditional annual review of the budget with a monthly review in a 4-year horizon.

This new initiative will allow developing an increasingly better future plan for the company. Additionally, it will help to understand the plans proposed for product, demand and supply management, while contributing to anticipate its impacts on the business.

This method makes it possible to deepen the orientation of the operation towards the needs of the customer and maximize the advantages of our multiple points of origin.

Carina Pasut, IBP Lead, says, “This project is intended to direct and capitalize on decisions in the general revision stage of the business, to manage the strategy in an efficient and integrated manner, as well as to ensure that the actions and commitments are correctly agreed, understood and communicated.”

San Miguel constantly challenges itself to continue growing. The vocation to create value is part of our identity, thus we seek to produce results in an efficient and sustainable manner.