April 24, 2020
At San Miguel, we are committed to protecting the health of those who go on working to ensure the global supply of our products.


During these unusual and challenging times we are living, we are working proactively to help reduce, together, the spread of Covid-19. Besides protecting the health of our colleagues, customers and consumers, this joint effort aims at maintaining our operations to ensure the supply of citrus fruits and its derivates to various markets around the world. 

Since the pandemic began, our priority has been focused on protecting our colleagues, their families, our customers and the whole value chain. That is why we set up a Global Crisis Committee coordinated with local committees and activated a protocol to mitigate the risk of virus transmission throughout the production chain, aligned with the recommendations by the World Health Organization and the public authorities of the countries we operate in.


The protocol establishes five points:

  • Avoiding crowds

  • Intensifying hygiene measures for people

  • Strengthening hygiene and sanitization routines in working areas, common spaces and transport

  • Encouraging work from home whenever possible

  • Providing training and communicating internally all the measures and action plans taken by San Miguel.

In line with these points, we are proactively implementing some initiatives at the workspaces we operate that involve the supply of water and soap or alcohol-based gel at specific common areas, such as meeting rooms, industry or packaging entrances and dining areas to ensure clean hands, training and awareness for our colleagues. As to transport, we established a number of passengers below the maximum capacity allowed in each bus and we sanitize vehicles frequently.


An essential industry facing a unique emergency

As food producers, our activity is considered essential during this emergency. Fresh fruit as well as the natural ingredients we produce at San Miguel are basic products for maintaining a complete and balanced nutrition: they strengthen the body and help prevent or treat diseases. 

We know this is an ever-changing context. Thus, at San Miguel we seek to learn and adapt quickly to protect the health of our colleagues and ensure that our food continues reaching the table of thousands of families needing them, with the same usual quality.