May 26, 2017
Our company

We have redesigned our products presentation to strengthen San Miguel’s identity in front of partners and customers around the world.

In order to improve the visibility of the company's products and have a single image for our customers and partners, we have reorganized the brands and transformed our packaging design under a more modern and attractive single identity.

The new design of all our fresh fruit cartons is aligned with the company's business strategy and tries to highlight San Miguel as a parent brand, as well as facilitate the identification of the different types of products we offer.

Customers will find two brands: San Miguel for CAT1 and SAMI Fruit for CAT 2. In total, we will be using 11 cartons discriminated by categories and fruit type (lemon, orange, mandarin and grapefruit).

We changed our image but keep the quality of our packing processes following the highest standards. The packaging quality, the fruits presentation and their containers are essential elements to meet the requirements of the international markets.

Improving the way we communicate with our customers and strengthening the identity in our products is a step forward on the road to consolidate leadership in the citrus industry.

For more information about the new cartons, click here to contact our sales representatives.