April 30, 2021

From Peru, it is expected to export more than 9,000 tons of Hass avocados, the most demanded in the market. In addition, this year other varieties have been added to complement its marketing channel.

As it happens at the beginning of autumn every year in the Southern hemisphere, a new avocado campaign has started in San Miguel. For this year, projections indicate export volumes of over 9,000 tons, with North America and Europe as the main destinations.

"After having achieved a sustained increase in the volumes of Hass avocado in recent years, specifically a 70% increase in our production since its first campaign in 2018, the challenge in 2021 is to consolidate that growth", said Agustina Fabbio, Fresh Fruit Commercial Director.

Furthermore, this year, San Miguel will carry out the avocado meshing for the first time, replicating the successful experience we have had with our mandarins. “We have seen that it is possible to guarantee the quality of the fruit packed in mesh bags from Peru to destinations with a short transit-time, such as the United States or Canada. In this way, we will be able to offer our clients a finished product with greater added value”, highlighted Pablo Zócalo, Operations Manager at San Miguel in Peru.

Another news is the first export of pollinating type varieties such as Ettinger, Zutano and Fuerte produced by the company for agronomic reasons and which have now gained relevance in a marketing channel in Europe where there are still no Hass avocados from other origins. This year a total of six containers of these varieties will be sent to Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Due to its great versatility and high nutritional content, avocado is a fruit that continues to establish itself as a trend in homes worldwide.