We work using an integrated business model covering every aspect from the genetics to the shelves and including production in nurseries and in our own and third-party farms, packing and processing plants and the logistic chain.

Thus, we deliver fresh fruit to the major supermarkets in the Northern Hemisphere and processed citrus fruit to consumer goods companies around the world that use these by-products as key supplies in their production chain.

We monitor the quality of what we do thinking about the people who receive our products. We have a team of internal auditors who check for compliance with the regulations and standards according to which the company works. Our Quality Management System covers aspects of document management, responsibility assignment, management engagement, policies, objectives, resource management, supplier management, traceability, internal auditing programs, customer service and continuous improvement. Because an ever-evolving world requires new and better ideas in order to be sustainable.

This is who we are. This is how we work. Just because we want to grow together in a better world.



Sustainability as a hub
for all our operation


  • Here the plants are then taken to the farms produce. They receive different care: grafting, breeding, irrigation.


  • After proper soil preparation is necessary for planting. On farms phytosanitary treatment, pruning, irrigation and plant nutrition is done by controlling their sustainable management until the fruit is ready to be harvested.

Agriculture yield

  • At each stage, safety processes are given necessary to maintain quality of the fruit. The harvest is done in two ways:
  • a) With pliers: When the destination is the packaging of fresh, is stripped from the tree with pliers and transported in bins.
  • b) Manual: When the destination is processing the fruit is removed with hands without tools and transported in both bulk bins.

Fresh Fruit Packaging

  • Here the fruit receives necessary treatment to ensure its preservation to the final destination. The fruit is washed, cleaned by brushes and then classified by color, size and quality.
  • It is then packed in boxes of different presentations.

Processed foods

  • Operators discard spoiled fruit and remove stones or other objects that may alter the final product.
  • Citrus pass through the high-pressure washing and then are separated into different calibers.
  • The fruit is sent to the graters, which extract the oil.
  • Of extracting machines and their associated processes juice, pulp and peel are obtained according to the needs of each client.


  • San Miguel products are sent to 200 customers in 50 countries.