We are present in hundreds of everyday products through our lemon, orange and mandarin oils and scents. We are proud of taking our innovation and quality to millions of people around the world. 


As regards scents, San Miguel has Oil Phase, which is the oil phase recovered during the juice evaporation process, while the Water Phase is the fraction of volatile aroma compounds present in natural juice that is water soluble, recovered during the juice concentration process.

Essential oils

Essential oils come in two varieties. One of these is Single Fold Essential Oil, a product contained in cells of lemon peel that is obtained by the rupture of such cells and recovered in the form of an emulsion, which is later centrifuged to obtain 100% lemon oil. The other, Folded Essential Oil, comes from the lemon oil concentration (single fold) through a reduced pressure distillation process. It corresponds to the fraction of compounds with the highest oil boiling point.


Additionally, we offer Terpenes obtained from the most volatile fraction of lemon oil, during the single fold oil concentration process through reduced pressure distillation.