Our supplier base ranges from big multinational companies to small firms, which together form a network that is key to our business.

We select our suppliers in a responsible manner: We select our suppliers according to criteria related to the type, supply and criticality in terms of food safety and maintenance. We take into account the following guidelines:

  • We consider their experience in the provision of similar materials, supplies or services.
  • We analyze samples and check the background in other companies of the industry.
  • We assess the quality of their services taking into account the quality certifications and their certification bodies, conducting audits under the assessment standard of our Quality department.
  • We prioritize local suppliers within the operation areas in each country.


We conduct assessments to continue improving: Our Supplier Assessment Policy establishes an annual assessment by the Procurement and Quality Assurance staff, which includes the contributions of each supplier in terms of Sustainability.


We encourage respect for human rights and the commitment to transparency: We have developed a Supplier Code of Ethics in order to extend our values and share the work guidelines of San Miguel's culture. 


We promote good practices and foster coordination: We have created a Network of Strategic Partner Producers to incorporate them into the export value chain. This makes it possible to jointly improve efficiencies and practices, increase export volumes and boost the business sustainability. There are different types of partnerships that, depending on the case, include technical advice (agricultural, packing, commercial), provision of genetic material and even, under certain modalities, financial aid (advance payments to expand fields or begin the production season).


We work together to reduce environmental impact: We have developed several reuse and recycling initiatives for our supplies and raw materials in our value chain that allow us to increase the logistic efficiency and reduce our footprint.