We are Strategic Partners



We build a strategic relationship with our customers. We seek to provide custom solutions and work together to create more value.


We grow trust
We grow trust: From our four productive origins, we work every day to supply customers in more than 50 countries. We are efficient globally, because we have a comprehensive and international vision, while we operate locally with transparency and integrity throughout our entire value chain.
We are always available:
We are always available: Experience and professional quality give us the knowledge to understand how to satisfy the market. We know how to deliver products considering the requirements of our clients. In order to enhance our offer, we develop a network of associated producers that follow San Miguel's standards, both in quality and service.
We are innovative and sustainable:
We are innovative and sustainable: It is in our DNA to take action and grow. We value the learning that we incorporated in previous stages, but we do not settle for doing things in the same way. We dedicate time and effort to always generate new customized solutions, promoting sustainability and value creation for our social environment


We choose our producers as strategic partners. At each step of our value chain, we seek to contribute innovation and quality under a sustainable framework.

Strategic and integrated
Strategic and integrated: We define our suppliers as strategic and integrated. Working together, we make decisions and find the best solutions so that customers get what they expect in due time and manner under the highest international standards. This is how we grow along with our customers, while we grow along with our suppliers.
Sustainable partners
Sustainable partners: We offer our producers San Miguel's technical expertise and business platform to boost their business. We provide them with support and advice. Through our Supplier Assessment Policy, the Procurement and Quality Assurance Department assesses them annually to promote continuous improvement and sustainability in their operations.