Integrity is one of the essential values that guides the organization to act in an ethical, respectful and honest way. 

Our Code of Ethics provides the guidelines we must follow to act honestly and with integrity. It sets forth general action directives so that daily actions, decisions and attitudes reflect our values. This is why it must be acknowledged and agreed by our leaders, associates and business partners. .

The Ethics Committee is composed by five directors of the company and the CEO, and its mission is to ensure compliance with this Code and meet every time it is required to discuss issues related to its compliance. The concerns raised and reports made through the available channels are submitted to the Ethics Committee, which undertakes an investigation led by the Human Resources Department and any other department relevant for the case.

We have several certifications that account for our commitment to ethics and transparency when doing business and conducting our operations:

  • SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), which certifies good practices related to ethical trade, business ethics, health and safety, labor standards and the environment.
  • GRASP (Global G.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice), a voluntary assessment additional to the Global G.A.P standard, which analyzes the risks of social practices in agricultural operations based on the respect for human rights, internal grievance procedures, application of labor regulations, fair compensation, implementation of good social practices and the communication thereof, etc.

We seek to be transparent, trustworthy, honoring our commitments and establishing honest relationships with all the public to whom we relate.